Buying vintage is a solution rather than a trend.

Have you ever heard the phrase: “waist isn’t waist, until we waist it”? For me this summes up my intention for showing the world why second hand clothing can still look nice. Especially stores who dedicate themselves to handpick vintage clothing, can be styled in a fashionable and trendy way. Even though the item wasn’t in the latest collection of any commercial brands these days, it can still make a look. This is because fashion is timeless. It must’ve occurred to you how almost all silhouettes over the past century have gone back in mainstream style and disappeared again. Most of the time these silhouettes come get there comeback in worse materials, and with cheaper manufacture methods, which makes the new one most of the time worse quality. Cloths back in the days were made to be worn a life time. How come when you buy a jeans these days, the fit and color is gone within 6 months?

A lot of people hate going through piles of second hand clothes, but for me and my partner it is a true passion.

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